Certified Appraisals

Centurion Service Group has certified appraisers on staff with the ability to ascertain the in-place value, fair market value and/ or the liquidation value of single pieces of equipment, a department or an entire facility or health system.

We do two types of appraisals, on-site and desktop. On-site appraisals are conducted when a facility does not have an accurate inventory of the goods. We inspect the equipment, write up all pertinent information and value the equipment in one of the three ways listed above.

On-site appraisals are necessary to determine the assets hospitals actually have and do not have, as well as what equipment they need or do not need. This valuable information saves time and money, and will help hospitals or groups successfully manage their assets within their hospital or hospital system. It is especially helpful when closing, selling or moving to a new facility.

Our staff will affix each piece of equipment with a bar code, and enter its information into a Microsoft Excel file. Besides the standard data that is recorded to ensure an accurate appraisal of the equipment, we can also supplement that information with data specified by our clients such as your internal asset tag number. Our courteous, professional employees have quick turnaround times and will work around your schedule. They work closely with the staff throughout the process, and are careful not to bother the standard day-to-day operations of the facility.

Desktop appraisals are a less expensive way of having an appraisal done, but it requires the facility to send the list of equipment with descriptions to Centurion and we place values on the equipment using those descriptions.

Price threshold recommendations vary based on the reason behind the appraisal request.

To provide accurate pricing for an on-site appraisal, hospitals are asked to provide the following information: square footage, dollar threshold, number of licensed beds and number of operating rooms in the facility.

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