FAQ: Auction Day

What options do I have to offer a bid? The auctioneer will announce prices and bidders can choose to offer in person, online webcast or via proxy bid.

What is an auction online webcast? For the convenience of bidders that cannot attend the auction, our webcast allows you to bid via the internet.  It is always preferable to attend in person to avoid possible technical computer problems.  

What is a Proxy Bid? A bidder can submit a maximum bid amount in writing via fax to 708-343-7100.   We act as your representative at the auction and buy the lots/items as cheaply as competition permits. Proxy bid forms are found here.

What is the winning bid amount? The high bid is not always the winning bid and does not constitute a final sale, but only a binding offer by the bidder to purchase at the offered price.  Winning bids will appear on the invoice after close of auction.

Does Centurion warrant the equipment? All items/lots in the auction are purchased “as is” and “where is” irrespective of condition, wear, damage and with all faults. All sales of items/lots are final and without any warranty, guarantee or representation of any kind.

How long will each auction last? Centurion auctions include as many as thousands of lots sold per day, so our events move at a very rapid pace.  As a rule, we sell an average of over 100 lots per hour.  While we cannot quote a specific time that the auction will last, we ask that bidders be prepared to allow sufficient time to remain present.

When is payment due? All purchases must be paid in full within three business days of the auction by cash, cashier's check, wire transfer or credit card.  When paying by credit card, a simple credit card receipt must be signed and faxed to 708-343-7100, authorizing the charge by Centurion Service Group.

If I am the winning bidder, can I transfer my purchase to someone else? No. The purchase contract is solely between Centurion and the winning bidder.

What is the buyer's premium? A buyer’s premium of 19% of the final sales price will be added to purchases. The buyer’s premium shall be decreased to 18% if the aggregate total of a buyer’s purchases at an auction are between $5,000 and $24,999.99 and shall be reduced to 17% if the aggregate total of a buyer’s purchases at an auction event are $25,000 or above. If paying by wire, check or cash the deposit must be made before the auction by wire, check or cash.

Do I have to pay sales tax?   Sales tax will be charged according to state law unless the buyer provides proof of sales tax exemption. Generally, a valid reseller's certificate or shipping document showing out of state shipment avoids local sales tax.  

What if my invoice appears incorrect? Advise the auction office of any discrepancy immediately in person, by email or phone.  Please have your buyer number ready for easy reference

Will Centurion Service Group handle shipping? Buyers are solely responsible for packaging, loading, removing and/or shipping the items/lots purchased.  Removal times are clearly specified in auction announcements.  Equipment purchased via online webcast will not be released without a signed credit card receipt. For a list of recommended shipping companies, please email kimberly@centurionservice.com  

What is the deadline for removal of purchases? Purchases must be removed within the time posted at the Auction or as announced by the Auctioneer. If purchases are not removed within the required time limit, the merchandise will be deemed abandoned.  

I have additional questions, what should I do? Please call our office at 708-761-6655 or email info@centurionservice.com.