Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers! The following frequently asked questions are general questions and answers. By participating in Centurion Service Group's auction, you agree to our terms and conditions

1) I would like to receive information about Centurion's auctions. What must I do to receive auction information?

Please fill out the form on our Contact Us page on our website or sign up to receive auction updates. You can also call our office directly at 708-761-6655 or send an email to

2) How often are the auctions held?

Our medical equipment auctions take place every five weeks in each of our locations (Chicago, Las Vegas, South Florida, and Dallas). We also hold hospital liquidation auctions several times annually.

3) Should I inspect the equipment prior to bidding at the auction?

In order to help you make an informed decision, inspection is always held the day prior to the auction. You will have the opportunity to look for the model, serial numbers and visually inspect the goods to be sold. However, we do not allow equipment to be turned on since we sell all of our equipment “as is, where is.” There is no auction contingency, meaning that although we do our best to photograph and describe each lot offered, we do not warrant photos and descriptions.

4) How and when do I register to bid at the auctions?

On-site registration is done on auction day. Bidders will sign our terms and conditions and either make a refundable $500 cash, credit card, or check deposit. Wire transfer deposits and payments are accepted only by prior arrangement.

Online buyers may pre-register and are encouraged to do so several days before the event on our website. Please note that Centurion does not go through registration until the day prior to the auction. Online bidders must pay a refundable $2000 deposit to participate in the auction.

5) What additional requirements are needed to participate in the online webcast?

For first time bidders, Centurion requires a valid driver’s license, state ID or passport. This can be uploaded when registering for our auctions. WE CANNOT APPROVE BIDDERS WITHOUT A VALID PHOTO ID.

6) Is there a cost to attend or participate in an auction?

There is a $500 refundable deposit fee to attend our auction ON-SITE that is required during the registration process. If your participating in our auction via ONLINE WEBCAST, there is a $2,000 refundable deposit fee. If there are no purchases made, your deposit is returned in full.

7) What is an auction online webcast?

For the convenience of bidders that cannot attend the auction in person, our webcast allows you to bid via the internet. It is always preferable to attend in person to avoid possible technical computer problems.  

8) What is a Proxy Bid?

A bidder can submit a maximum bid amount in writing via fax to 708-343-7100 or send an email to We act as your representative at the auction and buy the lots/items as inexpensively as competition permits. Proxy bid forms can be found here.

9) Does Centurion warrant the equipment?

All items/lots in the auction are purchased “as is, where is” irrespective of condition, wear, damage, and with all faults. All sales of items/lots are final and without any warranty, guarantee or representation of any kind.

10) How long will each auction last?

As a general guideline, we sell an average of approximately 200 lots per hour. While we cannot quote a specific time that the auction will last, we ask that bidders be prepared to allow sufficient time to remain present.

11) When is payment due?

All purchases must be paid-in-full within three business days of the auction by cash, check, wire transfer, or credit card. When paying by credit card, a credit card authorization form must be signed and faxed to 708-343-7100 or emailed to which authorizes the charge by Centurion Service Group.

12) If I am the winning bidder, can I transfer my purchase to someone else?

No. The purchase contract is solely between Centurion and the winning bidder.

13) Do I have to pay sales tax?  

Sales tax will be charged according to state law unless the buyer provides proof of sales tax exemption. Generally, a valid reseller's certificate avoids local sales tax. Please fax to 708-343-7100 or email to

14) What if my invoice appears incorrect?

Advise the auction office of any discrepancy immediately either in person, by email or phone. Please have your buyer number ready for easy reference.

15) Will Centurion Service Group handle shipping?

No. Buyers are fully responsible for packaging, loading, removing and shipping the items/lots purchased. Removal times are clearly specified in auction announcements. Equipment purchased via credit card will not be released without a signed credit card authorization form. Also, all buyers who are not picking up their equipment themselves are required to fill out a pick-up authorization form in order for their equipment to be released to the shipper of their choosing.

View Shipping Companies

Please note: Centurion Service Group provides this list of shippers as a service to their buyers. They are not affiliated with any of the companies on the list nor do they receive any compensation from them.

16) What is the deadline for removal of purchases?

Purchases must be removed within the time posted on the auction web page. If purchases are not removed within the required time limit, the merchandise will be deemed abandoned.

17) I have additional questions, what should I do?

Please call our office at 708-761-6655 or email

18) How do I know what browser I am using?

Please use to determine browser and version.

19) Is my device supported?

The bidding console works best from a laptop or desktop computer with the most current browser versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

20) Why does the website display incorrectly?

The Centurion Service Group website is optimized for use from a laptop or desktop computer running current versions of Safari, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Often times clearing your browser cache will resolve an issue and is a good first step. One site to use for cache-clearing instructions is

21) What can I do if the bidding console isn't working correctly for me?

Please use the "report a problem" link from the bid console. Your specific browser information will display for the support team to better assist them in helping you with the issues you report.

22) I can hear the audio, but can't see the images in the bidding console. Why?

It is possible that the auction house is not streaming video for their sale and may be providing audio only. Please make sure you have a recent version of the adobe player installed: 

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