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How an Auctioning Model Helps Achieve Your Medical Selling Goals

Written by Mary Deneen on March 2, 2018

Medical Equipment Selling Goals.png

Centurion Service Group works with hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) across the nation on the pick-up and resale of their obsolete medical and related equipment. Hospitals find that by using our liquidation services, we create a process and program that is a win-win.

The auctioning model helps achieve many medical selling goals, including:

Primary Goals

• Save hospital money – no more disposal costs!

• Generate income for hospitals

Secondary Goals

• Standardize the process across the health system/IDN

• Pick up assets quickly and efficiently

• Clear out storage areas, warehouses, closets, and hallways

• Focus employee time on core job tasks – not on surplus!

• Ensure assets targeted for sale get removed and sold

• Provide access and reports for transparent transactions

• Reuse more, throw away less – be greener!

For more information about Centurion Service Group and the services we offer, please download our brochure. If you're interested in receiving more information, please view my contact information on my bio page here.

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