Erik Tivin

As CEO and Chairman of Centurion Service Group, world’s largest medical auction house, Erik Tivin oversees strategic partnerships, purchases and sales, as well as creates a vision for the future of the company.

Before starting Centurion Service Group in 2001, Erik founded a company called General Asset Recovery (GAR), the first consignment medical auction house in the nation. After realizing great success, Erik sold GAR to and became the President of the wholly owned subsidiary and Vice President of Auction Services. There, he oversaw and helped develop an online marketplace to complement the brick and mortar auction that GAR ran.

In 2017, Erik created an exclusive partnership between his flagship company, Centurion Service Group, and the founders of British Medical Auctions, joining as the Director of the Dubai-based auction house coined Arabian Medical Remarketing (AMR). The partnership offers industry-leading strengths of each company, and a shared vision to globally innovate the process of selling and buying used medical equipment. Arabian Medical Remarketing is dedicated to providing easy-to-access and cost-effective medical equipment purchasing solutions for buyers worldwide.

Additionally, Erik holds an executive role on the Board of Directors of the Industrial Auctioneers Association (IAA). Today, Erik is one of the world’s most experienced medical equipment auctioneers and appraisers in the medical surplus industry.

Chairman and CEO


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